Bursting through FAQ

A: YES, as Bursting through grows the goal is to add new product each quarter or
season. The assortment evolution will be driven by demand and feedback from the community.

A: YES, as Bursting through grows, the goal is to expand into other product categories
like home decor. The Bursting through icon looks beautiful on throws, throw pillows and candles. Stay tuned and be patient with us as we are just emerging.

A: The hope is to share a new story each week but it will depend on how many stories
we have and getting everything aligned. In a perfect world we will have more stories
than we know what to do with and develop an updated strategy.

A: On the Bursting Through story page there is a place to submit your request to tell your story.

A: No but Bursting through is here to give back to the LGBTQ community in anyway possible. That could mean supporting a community event in kind or making a regular donation to organizations that Bursting through loves and respects like The Matthew Shepard Foundation, Iowa Safe Schools and The Trevor Project.

Bursting through FAQ

Q. How do I share a Bursting Through Moment or Story?

A. Click here to be taken to our JOIN page, become a Member and fill out the Submission Form provided.

Q. How do I become a Member?

A: Click here to be taken to our Membership page where you’ll choose your Membership option and enroll. Thank you for becoming a Member! We need you!

Q. Is Bursting Through non-profit?

A: No. Bursting Through believes that creating sustainable equality for the Queer Population is best achieved within a traditional business structure that will support non- profits
we believe in as the Movement grows.

Q. What if I want more information?

A: Use the CONTACT form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

Q. Is the digital magazine, Bursting Through Connections, free?

A: Connections is free to Starburst and Supernova Members, Storytellers and Advertisers. It is $10 per issue for everyone else.