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Bursting Through ONLINE is the nonsense-free, emotionally safe place for Allies and the Queer Community. The place to bring your fears and concerns about what is happening to the Queer community, have meaningful conversations, connect with like-minded people and discover substantive solutions


All Bursting Through Members receive value, not in the form of something physical, but rather in an emotional experience and human connection. A Bursting Through Membership, just like the streaming membership services you use (Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Music) brings you content you value and love. But here’s where Bursting Through is different for its Members: Bursting Through Members are part of a Movement, part of a Community that believes in our Mission, Vision, and Values.

Bursting Through Members help gather, produce, and share what we envision to be the
largest collection of Queer/Straight Stories in the world. A collective voice that won’t be silenced and will never disappear. Our Stories will recycle hate into love for perpetuity and be the voice that ensures Sustainable Equality for the Queer Population, forever.

If you believe in Bursting Through’s Mission, Vision, and Values, please become a Member today.


Everyone is welcome, needed and encouraged to become a Member of the Bursting Through Movement.

Bursting Through Stardusts receive our monthly newsletter, The Bursting Through Bulletin plus insider updates on our Stories and Moments.

Stardusts support the Movement by following Bursting Through on social media, sharing our social media posts, and by encouraging friends and family to join us too.

Starburst: $10, $25, $50/month

Bursting Through Starbursts receive all of the benefits of our Stardusts and are invited to a quarterly Bursting Through Brainstorm (via Zoom) with Steve Petersen, Founder of Bursting Through.

During the Brainstorm, Starbursts get firsthand knowledge of Bursting Through’s impact and direction plus you’ll have the opportunity to share your ideas, inspirations and a-ha’s!

Supernova: $100, $500, $1,000 one time.

Bursting Through Supernovas receive all of the benefits of our Starbursts plus a Bursting Through Swag box with a Bursting Through shirt, socks, journal, scented candle and wrist band. Supernova’s one-time support infuses the Movement with funding for future growth, specifically more channels of distribution. Bursting Through’s vision includes expansion into Bursting Through On Air (podcast), Bursting Through Books (collections of Stories and Moments) and Bursting Through TV (a Story sharing talk show).

Bursting Through Starbursts support and expand our current work, Supernovas support
our long-term vision.

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“My membership is important because I’m still learning how to be the best advocate for the community and learning through Bursting Through is incredibly helpful. Keep up the great work”

Wes- Straight Man, Husband, Dad of 3, including one gay son, all around good human and Bursting Through Member