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Your one-time Bursting Through Supernova Membership supports Bursting Through’s longterm vision: creating the largest collection of Queer/Straight Stories in the world. Bursting Through Supernovas share their Queer/Straight story, receive the Bursting Through Bulletin, and are invited to a quarterly Bursting Through Brainstorm (via Zoom) with Steve Petersen, Founder of Bursting Through. During the Brainstorm, Supernovas get firsthand knowledge of Bursting Through’s impact and direction plus have the opportunity to share their ideas, inspirations and moment of clarity!

Supernovas also receive the Bursting Through Swag Box:

  • 1 Brave Burst short-sleeve unisex T-shirt to celebrate the Queer/Straight relationship! (medium or large)
  • 1 pair Queer Equality unisex socks to stand up for equality for all.
  • 1 Extraordinary-in-the-Ordinary citrus scented candle to encourage moments of clarity.
  • 1 Bursting Through Allyship wristband to keep the Queer/Straight relationship in plain view.
  • 1 Bursting Through Journal to record your own Bursting Through Story to share with the world!

Your Supernova support infuses the Movement with funding for future growth, specifically more channels of distribution. Bursting Through’s vision includes expansion into Bursting Through On Air (podcast), The Bursting Through Zine (currently scheduled for Q1 2022) and Bursting Through TV (a Story sharing talk show).

We appreciate you, value your voice, and welcome you to the Bursting Through Movement.