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Limited Edition Bursting Through Holiday Gift Box

$50 + shipping

while supplies last!

Bursting Through Membership: The Perfect Gift

We all have people in our lives who value experience gifts more than physical gifts. A Bursting Through membership is the perfect experience gift for them.

Bursting Through Members contribute their own powerful stories to the Movement plus their Membership fees help gather, produce, and share what will become the largest collection of Queer/Straight Stories in the world. This collection is a collective voice, our voice, that won’t be silenced and will never disappear. Our Stories will recycle hate into love for perpetuity and be the voice that ensures Sustainable Equality for the Queer Population, forever.

If you know a person who believes in the power of stories, in the values of Compassion, Courage and Change, and in the power of grassroots initiatives powered by dreams, please give the gift of a Bursting through Membership today.


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