The Love of Hate

A Bursting through Moment is a short story from a Bursting through Member.
These short stories recall those moments where compassion and empathy align
and love comes Bursting through. They are the extraordinary moments in our
ordinary lives. Moments put a little more love into the world. 

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A Bursting Through Story shares something authentic and pure. Stories are told using two different voices—one Queer and one Straight— each reflecting on the same experience or time frame; each recalling how having honest conversations about love and acceptance shaped their relationship and their shared human experience. See more Bursting Through Stories on YouTube, Facebook, and at Burstingthrough.gay.

The choice of the narrative was inspired by a book published in 1996 called “Not Like Other Boys- Growing up gay: A mother and son look back.” It was written by mother and son, Marlene Fanta Shyer and Christopher Shyer. The entire book is captivating, deeply moving and totally brave.

Outside of the content being extremely interesting, what is fascinating is that the book offers different perspectives of their shared pasts. One chapter of the book was written in her voice and perspective and the next his voice, reflecting on the same time frame. It feels perfectly suited to capture a Bursting Through story.

The Rowdy Girls

Everyone has a Story

Bursting through Stories are about love and humanity. Bursting through believes everyone has a story that needs to be heard. Your story has the power to recycle hate into love.

Bursting Through in Action

Bursting Through Stories are recycling hate into love in the following publications and places:

Las Vegas PRIDE Magazine
The Des Moines Register
The Business Record
Las Vegas Trans Pride Center
Pride Tree Blog
LGBTQ+ Family Connection Center Blog
Mental Health Matters Radio Show
The Conversation Radio Show

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“Telling my Bursting Through story made me realize the actual struggles it really took for my friend to come out and be her true self. Its made me become more aware of how she actually truly felt.”
Lori, Straight Woman, Wife, Mom, Awesome Friend and Bursting Through Member